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Friday, 09 November 2012 00:35

Open-Air Smart Luxury on Trailer at Hotel Daniel

How about sleeping in a shiny Airstream trailer in the garden of a hotel?
It's not just a trailer. The Hotel Daniel turned it into luxurious space for design conscious travelers. This 1952 Airstream is heat and sound insulated, and comes with foldout bed, free standing bathtub, air conditioner, heating, flat screen TV, phone and WiFi... and price is from 112 Euros per night.
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No words necessary... These beautiful photos tell it all. A hotel in Mykonos, Greece. I just can't help picturing myself lying on the hammock, with a book in hand and a refreshing drink on the side table. Breathtaking ice-blue Aegean sea view will soothe my eyes when taking a break from a book.
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Eco-luxury resort, just steps from the ancient Mayan ruins of Belize's jungle...

When I first came across the photographs of this vacation property on desiretoinspire.net, my heart started beating fast. I instantly fell in love with its stylish yet warm and welcoming interior design. I couldn't believe it's a boutique hotel, not a private property.

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