Charming Island Retreat in Greece - San Giorgio Mykonos

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Charming Island Retreat in Greece - San Giorgio Mykonos Photos by Angelos Zymaras from Stereosis, courtesy of San Giorgio Mykonos and DESIGN HOTELS
No words necessary... These beautiful photos tell it all. A hotel in Mykonos, Greece. I just can't help picturing myself lying on the hammock, with a book in hand and a refreshing drink on the side table. Breathtaking ice-blue Aegean sea view will soothe my eyes when taking a break from a book.
[A little bit about the hotel] This charming hotel, SAN GIORGIO MYKONOS, was launched as a pop-up hotel for summer in 2012 by the new owner (Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel, owners of world-famous Paradise Club) together with Markos Daktilidis (owner of Paradise Beach) teamed up with DESIGN HOTELS as a part of DESIGN HOTELS PROJECT.

02 San Giorgio Mykonos
Famosa Suite


03 San Giorgio Mykonos
Grande Suite


04 San Giorgio Mykonos

05 San Giorgio Mykonos

06 San Giorgio Mykonos

07 San Giorgio Mykonos08 San Giorgio Mykonos

09 San Giorgio Mykonos

10 San Giorgio Mykonos11 San Giorgio Mykonos

12 San Giorgio Mykonos

13 San Giorgio Mykonos

14 San Giorgio Mykonos

15 San Giorgio Mykonos

16 San Giorgio Mykonos
Poolside restaurant, Cantina

17 San Giorgio Mykonos

I came across this hotel thanks to, one of my favorite blogs.

What I like about this property:
  • I see authentic luxury in their concept. Designed and styled with organic materials and carefully chosen handcrafted works and accessories, it naturally creates a warm hospitality that makes you feel at home.
  • Every photo just looks like it popped out from stylish interior design magazine. Everything is taken care with great attention to detail. Imagining being there just makes me happy.


Please visit San Giorgio Mykonos's official websitefor more information.

All photos by Angelos Zymaras from Stereosis, courtesy of San Giorgio Mykonos (Thanks Anna) and DESIGN HOTELS (Thanks Jaime), and via Paradise Club Mykonos, and Lambs & Lions.


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How to get there:
About 10 minutes drive from Mykonos Island National Airport. (Complimentary airport transfer and other benefits are available when you book through DESIGN HOTELS.)

* Mykonos can be reached by 40-minute domestic flights from Athens (Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport), or by direct flights from some European countries, such as UK, Italy, etc.

Also daily ferry connection available from Piraeus or Rafina to Mykonos Island (about 5 hours). Piraeus is about 20 minutes by Metro, and Rafina is about 40 minutes by taxi from Athens International Airport.


* Official website of the Greek Tourism Organisation:

According to DESIGN HOTELS, SAN GIORGIO MYKONOS is currently closed for winter, but will be open again in May 2013.

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