25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin - Stay in a room with Hammock and Bike

29 March 2014 Published in Where to Stay
'A room with a hammock' never fails to catch my eyes. I love the laid-back feel and "away-from-everyday-life" feel produced by the hammocks. I guess it has a magical effect that converts ordinary space into charming and inspirational space . . .

Sophisticated Urban Retreat adjacent to the Berlin Zoo - DAS STUE

15 January 2013 Published in Where to Stay
Das Stue Hotel, newly opened design hotel in Berlin, in December 2012. When I received the press release and visited their website, the first image I encountered was the gorgeous and classical look of its lobby...

Charming Alleys of Mykonos Town through the Lens of Vickie Abby

17 November 2012 Published in City Guide
Lovely photos of Mykonos Island, Greece, captured by photographer, Vickie Abby.
Charming stone-paved alleys, pale blue and soft pink, mellow afternoon sunshine and soft shadows . . . , I don't know what exactly but there is something in her photographs that capture my heart.

Discover the city of Vienna on Vespa or Bicycle

09 November 2012 Published in City Guide
How about strolling around the city of Vienna on Vespa scooter or bicycle? I love to wander around the city just following inspirations my heart catch. You might find a lovely cafe or shops unexpectedly in that way. With bicycle or Vespa, I'm sure I'll enjoy much extended freedom beyond the city center :)

Breakfast at Daniel Bakery

09 November 2012 Published in City Guide
The Bakery is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Daniel Vienna.
To enjoy a drink, a bite to eat or a good meal here, you don't have to be staying at the Hotel Daniel. The Bakery is open to everyone.

A Room with a Hammock, and a View - Hotel Daniel

09 November 2012 Published in Where to Stay
Sometimes, simple design and comfort is all what I need while traveling. Rooms at HOTEL DANIEL seem to be perfect in that sense. As in their concept "Smart Luxury", their rooms are characterized with simple stylish design and modern functionality such as free WiFi, Raindance shower, flat-screen satellite TV, all of which offer contemporary luxury. In addition, their design concept is not just simple, it makes my heart sing!
. . . Oh did I mention that the price starts from 92 Euros a night?

Alemagou, Bar and Restaurant on the Beach

09 November 2012 Published in City Guide
"Alemagou is a bar and restaurant on the sands of Ftelia Beach in Mykonos. The concept is holistic, with every element of the project telling a common story and coming together to create an inspirational yet laid-back atmosphere, perfectly suited to the site." - Alemagou & K-STUDIO

Open-Air Smart Luxury on Trailer at Hotel Daniel

09 November 2012 Published in Where to Stay
How about sleeping in a shiny Airstream trailer in the garden of a hotel?
It's not just a trailer. The Hotel Daniel turned it into luxurious space for design conscious travelers. This 1952 Airstream is heat and sound insulated, and comes with foldout bed, free standing bathtub, air conditioner, heating, flat screen TV, phone and WiFi... and price is from 112 Euros per night.

Charming Island Retreat in Greece - San Giorgio Mykonos

09 November 2012 Published in Where to Stay
No words necessary... These beautiful photos tell it all. A hotel in Mykonos, Greece. I just can't help picturing myself lying on the hammock, with a book in hand and a refreshing drink on the side table. Breathtaking ice-blue Aegean sea view will soothe my eyes when taking a break from a book.

Blue + White on Mykonos Island

09 November 2012 Published in City Guide
Selection of photos taken in Mykonos island, Greece.