Eco-Conscious, Laid-Back Hotel Created by a Designer - UXUA CASA HOTEL

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UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)Casa SEU PEDRINHO (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)


Restored fisherman houses, natural/reclaimed materials, Brazilian craftsmanship and antiques, a flowing transition of indoor/outdoor living, along with the concept of preserving the local traditions and environment… all of the elements in this hotel make me smile.

This lovely hotel located in 'Quadrado', the center of Trancoso, Brazil, represents laid-back southern Bahian lifestyle. It's not difficult to imagine that if you stay here, you will feel like local. That's what I want when traveling.

UXUA Casa Hotel features ten unique casas which blend seamlessly into the historic center of Trancoso, a small fishing village on Brazil's idyllic southern Bahian coast.

[A little bit about the hotel] "UXUA's casas range from restored 1-3 bedroom fisherman houses facing the town's historic Quadrado, to a sleekly opulent but ecologically-conscious treehouse and other innovative homes hidden in a lush garden of nearly six thousand square meters."
UXUA CASA HOTEL was created by fashion designer, Wilbert Das, who served as Creative Director and Head of Design of the Italian fashion label Diesel from 1993 through 2009.
When Wilbert first visited Trancoso in 2004, he was immediately struck by the beauty of this quiet fisherman's village. He returned to Trancoso for several holidays and began looking for a place to build a home, which eventually turned into a project of creating a small community of homes with the services of a hotel, by also restoring the houses around the garden of the purchased old house.

UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Fernando Lombardi) UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Wilbert Das)House in magenta: Casa SEU PEDRINHO (Photo by Fernando Lombardi), House in blue: Casa SEU IRENIO (Photo by Wilbert Das)

UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Marcos Rosa)Casa SEU IRENIO (Photo by Marcos Rosa)

SEU IRENIO - 1 bedroom with ensuite bath, 120 sq m, faces historic Quadrado, outdoor seating/dining available, private garden patio, views of Quadrado from living room, kitchen, and eating area, indoor/outdoor bathroom.


UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)Casa SEU IRENIO (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)


UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)Bedroom of Casa SEU IRENIO featuring indoor/outdoor bathroom (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)


UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Marcos Rosa) UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)Indoor/outdoor bathroom of Casa SEU IRENIO (Photo by Marcos Rosa & Fernando Lombardi)

UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)Casa SEU IRENIO (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)


UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)Bedroom of QUINTAL DO GLORIA with burned cement floors (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)

UXUA was created by designer Wilbert Das in collaboration with local artisans using traditional building methods, reclaimed and organic materials, and Brazilian antiques and art.


UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Fernando Lombardi) UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)QUINTAL DO GLORIA (Photo by Fernando Lombardi)

I'm fascinated with the beauty of every handcrafted detail that showcases local craftsmanship and hospitality of the hotel owner.


UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Anna Bauer)View from living room of GULAB MAHAL on to Quadrado (Photo by Anna Bauer)

For me the Quadrado has some magic power that I've only encountered here, it completely relaxes me and takes away all the stress the minute I step foot on it.

- Wilbert Das, owner of UXUA CASA HOTEL

UXUA Casa Hotel (Photo by Tuca Reines)QUARTZ POOL (Photo by Tuca Reines)

The lake-like pool was created entirely from 40,000 specimens of unique green aventurine quartz, a native Bahian stone considered by many to have powerful healing qualities and be among the most therapeutic minerals in the world.



Casa features include: full kitchens, private gardens, indoor / outdoor living rooms, open-air bathrooms, king-size beds, wireless internet, satellite television. Some casas include private plunge pools, jacuzzis, hanging terraces, as well as private dining space on the historic Quadrado.

Every room is unique and charming. Be sure to see it for yourself by visiting UXUA CASA HOTEL official website and UXUA facebook page.

What I like about this hotel:
  • Love the warm, laid-back atmosphere that gives an 'at-home' feel
  • Love the combination of design and ecological concept that breathed new life into old historic houses in a most natural and fitting manner.
  • Love every details made from natural materials that reflect the creativity of local artisans.
  • UXUA's kitchens serve locally grown organic food including produce from own garden.
  • 100% organic bath and cosmetic products available for guests.
  • UXUA is actively involved in contribution to the local community and town's preservation.



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How to get there:
Trancoso is approximately 24 kilometres from Porto Seguro airport, Brazil, which translates as an hour's drive due to the scenic, two-lane roads and a short river ferry crossing.
According to the hotel, "car rental is not necessary, and the hotel suggests Trancoso be navigated by foot, bicycle, or horseback".
* Flights from U.S. or Europe to Porto Seguro Airport usually require a connection in Rio, São Paulo or Salvador. It's about 3 hours flight from São Paulo to Porto Seguro.
From November through February, many charter flights fly directly to Porto Seguro from Europe.


* Brazilian Tourism Institute:

Additional Info

  • Property Name: UXUA CASA HOTEL
  • Address: Quadrado, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil
  • Type: Boutique Hotel
  • Bedrooms: Studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms
  • Number of rooms/units: 10 units (2 studios, 4 one-bedroom suites, 3 two-bedroom suites, 1 three-bedroom suite)
  • Style: Nature, Inspirational, Eco and Sustainable
  • Budget: Luxury
  • Rates from: 900 BRL (Brasilian Real) for off-peak season