Backpack + Tote Bag = Tack Bag by SSCY

17 January 2013 Published in Blog

tack bag by SSCY

'Tack Bag', designed and produced by SSCY, Brooklyn, New York
I want this!

A tote bag that transforms into a backpack, or vice versa.

tack bag by SSCY

Carry it on your shoulder as a tote bag when you shop, and wear it as a backpack when on a bike.

It's simple and handsomely designed.

More pictures from different angles are available on their official website (
(180 USD. International shipping available.)
images/icons/pen.png Designed by SSCY, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Craftsmanship: Tsuchiya Kaban

08 January 2013 Published in Blog

Tsuchiya KabanPhoto: Rika


Tsuchiya KabanPhoto: Rika


I've been using a long leather wallet made by Tsuchiya Kaban (handmade leather bag brand in Japan). What I love most about this brand is its quality craftsmanship displayed throughout all items they produce, including catalogs and official website as well as products.
The catalogs I received right before holiday season were so beautiful that I photographed them (above pictures). I love their design sense that makes me excited even before opening the cover page. I also love the content of the catalog that naturally delivers the craftsmen's love and passion of their work. This is what I call professionalism. I smiled when opened the envelope to find these catalogs.

Designer: Rachel Halvorson

02 December 2012 Published in Blog


I think it was more than a year ago when I first spotted this beautiful photo above. I love barn houses turned into cozy space. So I was instantly drawn to this massive and charming wooden double door, sunlight thrown from the windows up above, and all these chic furnitures in neutral colors. Unfortunately, however, I couldn't find the source at that time.


Today I'm so happy that I happened to find the original source finally. This lovely work was done by Rachel Halvorson, interior designer in Nashville, Tennessee, and photographed by Caroline Allison. And the owner of this beautiful barn house is Ronnie Dunn, a musician. Wow.


Please visit Rachel's blog 'nest egg' for details and more photos.


I found Rachel's blog via 'lucite & lavender' by Emily Mughannam. Thank you!

DESIGN: Scandi Home

28 November 2012 Published in Blog


I fell in love with 'SCANDI HOME', a beautiful blog by Maria Laitinen, Finnish-Australian food and props stylist living in Sydney. Every single photo and styling on her blog makes me smile.


Be sure to check out SCANDI HOME ( I'm sure you'll love it!

Photographer: Grace Oda

26 November 2012 Published in Blog

Untitled by GraceOda, on FlickrUntitled by GraceOda, on Flickr


Today I added this beautiful picture of Trancoso (Bahia, Brazil) photographed by Grace Oda onto the article featuring her photographs. Be sure to click the link below to see more of her photographs.

>> Nostalgic Color of Trancoso Captured by Grace Oda

DESIGN: Smok by Hans Sapperlot

18 November 2012 Published in Blog


It was a little while ago that I was made aware of myself being a chair lover, through pinning on Pinterest.

Today, I fell in love with this lovely chair, or actually fabric for chair: Smok series designed by Austrian designers at Hans Sapperlot.

Please read more on GBlog or HANS SAPPERLOT.

I came across this design via Sarah Lonsdale. Thank you!



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Admiration and Gratitude

12 November 2012 Published in Blog

1First of all, I'm thankful to this online-connected world where you can find so many talented, creative individuals including designers, architects, photographers, bloggers, writers and many others around the world, otherwise you never come across in the real world.

2I really admire these people who share their works and inspire people around the world.


3I'm so grateful whenever I receive their generous replies to my asking for their permission to include their works on this site. I can't express enough of my gratitude. (I wish I had better vocabulary...)

Thank you all for your generosity and encouraging feedback.
All of these make me smile!

Making a dream come true:

10 November 2012 Published in Blog

I'm determined to . . . live my life. Just like flowers and trees in Hawaii. And . . . this is a first step.

I'm a little bit nervous but excited to finally announce the launch of

This is where I share my love and passion for travel, interior design and photography, which hopefully will make someone's travel planning more fun.

I hope grows up to become one of many websites where people find inspiration, someday.

Anyway, this is just a start!