Thursday, 17 January 2013 20:14

Backpack + Tote Bag = Tack Bag by SSCY

tack bag by SSCY

'Tack Bag', designed and produced by SSCY, Brooklyn, New York
I want this!

A tote bag that transforms into a backpack, or vice versa.

tack bag by SSCY

Carry it on your shoulder as a tote bag when you shop, and wear it as a backpack when on a bike.

It's simple and handsomely designed.

More pictures from different angles are available on their official website (
(180 USD. International shipping available.)
images/icons/pen.png Designed by SSCY, Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 21:00

Craftsmanship: Tsuchiya Kaban

Tsuchiya KabanPhoto: Rika


Tsuchiya KabanPhoto: Rika


I've been using a long leather wallet made by Tsuchiya Kaban (handmade leather bag brand in Japan). What I love most about this brand is its quality craftsmanship displayed throughout all items they produce, including catalogs and official website as well as products.
The catalogs I received right before holiday season were so beautiful that I photographed them (above pictures). I love their design sense that makes me excited even before opening the cover page. I also love the content of the catalog that naturally delivers the craftsmen's love and passion of their work. This is what I call professionalism. I smiled when opened the envelope to find these catalogs.
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Sunday, 18 November 2012 23:27

DESIGN: Smok by Hans Sapperlot


It was a little while ago that I was made aware of myself being a chair lover, through pinning on Pinterest.

Today, I fell in love with this lovely chair, or actually fabric for chair: Smok series designed by Austrian designers at Hans Sapperlot.

Please read more on GBlog or HANS SAPPERLOT.

I came across this design via Sarah Lonsdale. Thank you!



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