Designer: Rachel Halvorson

02 December 2012 Written by   Published in Blog


I think it was more than a year ago when I first spotted this beautiful photo above. I love barn houses turned into cozy space. So I was instantly drawn to this massive and charming wooden double door, sunlight thrown from the windows up above, and all these chic furnitures in neutral colors. Unfortunately, however, I couldn't find the source at that time.


Today I'm so happy that I happened to find the original source finally. This lovely work was done by Rachel Halvorson, interior designer in Nashville, Tennessee, and photographed by Caroline Allison. And the owner of this beautiful barn house is Ronnie Dunn, a musician. Wow.


Please visit Rachel's blog 'nest egg' for details and more photos.


I found Rachel's blog via 'lucite & lavender' by Emily Mughannam. Thank you!