Admiration and Gratitude

12 November 2012 Published in Blog

1First of all, I'm thankful to this online-connected world where you can find so many talented, creative individuals including designers, architects, photographers, bloggers, writers and many others around the world, otherwise you never come across in the real world.

2I really admire these people who share their works and inspire people around the world.


3I'm so grateful whenever I receive their generous replies to my asking for their permission to include their works on this site. I can't express enough of my gratitude. (I wish I had better vocabulary...)

Thank you all for your generosity and encouraging feedback.
All of these make me smile!

Making a dream come true:

10 November 2012 Published in Blog

I'm determined to . . . live my life. Just like flowers and trees in Hawaii. And . . . this is a first step.

I'm a little bit nervous but excited to finally announce the launch of

This is where I share my love and passion for travel, interior design and photography, which hopefully will make someone's travel planning more fun.

I hope grows up to become one of many websites where people find inspiration, someday.

Anyway, this is just a start!

White Washed Church, A Symbol of Trancoso

09 November 2012 Published in City Guide
"The main square as the 'Quadrado' is perched on a cliff, overlooking 2 rivers and the ocean. Standing at the end is the beautiful white washed São João Batista Church - Brazil's 2nd oldest Church." - CASA LOLA

Nostalgic Color of Trancoso Captured by Grace Oda

09 November 2012 Published in City Guide
Beautiful photos of Trancoso captured by photographer, Grace Oda.
The picture above caught my eye and heart among many others. I'm glad I found her. Every one of her photographs makes me smile :)

Eco-Conscious, Laid-Back Hotel Created by a Designer - UXUA CASA HOTEL

09 November 2012 Published in Where to Stay
Restored fisherman houses, natural/reclaimed materials, Brazilian craftsmanship and antiques, a flowing transition of indoor/outdoor living, along with the concept of preserving the local traditions and environment… all of the elements in this hotel make me smile.

This lovely hotel located in 'Quadrado', the center of Trancoso, Brazil, represents laid-back southern Bahian lifestyle. It's not difficult to imagine that if you stay here, you will feel like local. That's what I want when traveling.

Colorful, Cute Houses in Trancoso

09 November 2012 Published in City Guide
Photos taken in Trancoso, a tiny fishing village in Bahia, Brazil.

These colorfully painted houses were originally fisherman houses and now turned into boutiques, bars and restaurants, and inns.

Discover the city of Vienna on Vespa or Bicycle

09 November 2012 Published in City Guide
How about strolling around the city of Vienna on Vespa scooter or bicycle? I love to wander around the city just following inspirations my heart catch. You might find a lovely cafe or shops unexpectedly in that way. With bicycle or Vespa, I'm sure I'll enjoy much extended freedom beyond the city center :)

Rustic, Bohemian Chic, Designer's Vacation Villa - Casa Lola

09 November 2012 Published in Where to Stay
Rustic, chic, simple, natural… are the keywords I'm always drawn to. Every single element of this vacation villa in Trancoso, Brazil, pleases my eyes. The villa has warm welcoming atmosphere, yet sophisticated in details. No wonder. This beautiful house is completed by a New York based interior designer.

House Without Walls - Vacation Home in Hawaii

09 November 2012 Published in Where to Stay
This one of a kind vacation home located in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii, which was originally a designer's private villa, is now available for rent for your own vacation.


I stumbled upon the pictures of this open, airy, spacious, simply and tastefully decorated bedroom years ago, and it's been on my wish list to stay here with a group of friends or family ever since. I just can't believe it's in Waikiki, and you can walk to the beach.

Breakfast at Daniel Bakery

09 November 2012 Published in City Guide
The Bakery is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Daniel Vienna.
To enjoy a drink, a bite to eat or a good meal here, you don't have to be staying at the Hotel Daniel. The Bakery is open to everyone.