25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin - Stay in a room with Hammock and Bike

29 March 2014 Published in Where to Stay
'A room with a hammock' never fails to catch my eyes. I love the laid-back feel and "away-from-everyday-life" feel produced by the hammocks. I guess it has a magical effect that converts ordinary space into charming and inspirational space . . .

Casa Lola in Elle Decoration UK

02 June 2013 Published in Blog

I received happy news from Jan Eleni, owner of 'Casa Lola', vacation villa in Brazil, which I featured last year on this site.

'Casa Lola' is now featured in July 2013 Edition of Elle Decoration UK!!
Here is a little preview of some images of articles that Jan kindly included in her email. How beautifully captured!

Light and Color of Bali, captured by Helminadia Ranford

30 March 2013 Published in City Guide
What a stunning color . . .
Dreamy, melancholy, tranquil . . . I don't know how to describe, but this beautiful moment in Bali captured by Helminadia Ranford caught my eyes.

River Moon Villa - Tranquil Retreat with Rice Field Views in Bali

07 February 2013 Published in Where to Stay
Next time when I visit Bali, I'm determined to stay in Ubud area, where surrounded by deep and lush green along with scenic rice fields, just to relax and enjoy some peaceful time. I think this Vacation Rental named 'River Moon Villa' is perfect for that purpose. With 180 degree rice field view, away from touristic bustle...

Bali, Island of the Gods, through the Lens of Jesse Estes

19 January 2013 Published in City Guide
Mystical photos of Bali, Indonesia, captured by Oregon-based photographer, Jesse Estes. I love how he captures the light at the time of sunset and dawn. So dramatic.

Backpack + Tote Bag = Tack Bag by SSCY

17 January 2013 Published in Blog

tack bag by SSCY

'Tack Bag', designed and produced by SSCY, Brooklyn, New York
I want this!

A tote bag that transforms into a backpack, or vice versa.

tack bag by SSCY

Carry it on your shoulder as a tote bag when you shop, and wear it as a backpack when on a bike.

It's simple and handsomely designed.

More pictures from different angles are available on their official website (www.sscy.org).
(180 USD. International shipping available.)
images/icons/pen.png Designed by SSCY, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Sophisticated Urban Retreat adjacent to the Berlin Zoo - DAS STUE

15 January 2013 Published in Where to Stay
Das Stue Hotel, newly opened design hotel in Berlin, in December 2012. When I received the press release and visited their website, the first image I encountered was the gorgeous and classical look of its lobby...

Craftsmanship: Tsuchiya Kaban

08 January 2013 Published in Blog

Tsuchiya KabanPhoto: Rika


Tsuchiya KabanPhoto: Rika


I've been using a long leather wallet made by Tsuchiya Kaban (handmade leather bag brand in Japan). What I love most about this brand is its quality craftsmanship displayed throughout all items they produce, including catalogs and official website as well as products.
The catalogs I received right before holiday season were so beautiful that I photographed them (above pictures). I love their design sense that makes me excited even before opening the cover page. I also love the content of the catalog that naturally delivers the craftsmen's love and passion of their work. This is what I call professionalism. I smiled when opened the envelope to find these catalogs.

Design Hotel in the heart of Brooklyn - Wythe Hotel

21 December 2012 Published in Where to Stay
A handsome hotel converted from the former textile factory in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Wood ceiling, concrete floors, pale blue graphical wallpaper, floor-to-ceiling windows, red-brick walls, subway tiles, black and white . . . every single element is simple but profound.

Brooklyn portrayed in the Street Photography by Simon Garnier

17 December 2012 Published in City Guide
I know I tend to be drawn to photographs that reflect photographer's consistent style. This time it was the street photography by Simon Garnier that grabbed my heart. I love the way he depicts human in his stylish photographs. Sometime dramatic, sometime just calm and warm . . .