About MyStyleVacation

About MyStyleVacation Resource provided by Mucahit Gayiran | Mockup Zone, Text Illustration by Rika Otsuru

Get inspired and go travel !!

MyStyleVacation = an online magazine that inspires you to travel
What if . . .
you just want to take a break to get yourself refreshed,
and the destination doesn't matter as long as it lets you . . .
step away from daily life,
or just relax reading unfinished books,
or discover great nature,
or get excited about wandering around,
but, 'where to stay' DOES matter.
How do you plan your trip?
Why not just browse through images on this site with a cup of coffee?
If any image catches your eye, click on it and start daydream-traveling.
Enjoy and let yourself get inspired.

MyStyleVacation.com is a curated travel website, where I share hand-picked collections of accommodations & destinations that inspire me to travel, along with a little extra information about what to see / eat / drink / experience, which will serve as reminders when I actually travel there.

The site was launched in November 2012 and you'll constantly see new additions as I still have so much to share and also stumble upon new finds everyday.

NOTE: MyStyleVacation.com probably is not for everyone, because the selection is made by personal taste.  But hopefully it would be helpful for those who share the same kind of vacation tastes .